Cena the class camels adventures!

Our class mascot Cena the Camel

Here in Miss Finucane’s class, our class mascot Cena the Camel has been enjoying some wonderful adventures with his friends!

Two weekends ago, he went to Liverpool to visit Anfield and watch a Liverpool match with Jamie Lee! We were all very jealous!
Last weekend, he had a super weekend travelling around Kerry and doing lots of fun things such as horse riding, going to the cinema and going to the playground with Grace and Daniel! “On Friday evening Cena arrived home with Grace and Dan and asked to be taken for a roam.
So Friday night was the start of his fun and off to see the game like father and son. Saturday morning he woke at the crack of dawn and wanted to buy flowers for the lawn so into the car and off to Tralee to get shrubs and some brekkie and a sup of tea. Midday then and where will we go so Grace picked him up and off steamside for little trot don’t you know.
Sunday already and Cena wanted more travels so to limerick city and The Jasmine Palace.
He ate like a horse even though he’s a camel and then we packed up and hid dessert in his saddle.
To the omniplex next to see Lego Batman now and Cena was loving it til the joker did show. He got a bit nervous but stayed to end and every one had the best fun weekend.!”
He is currently en route to Disneyland in Paris and we are awaiting pictures with anticipation!
 Check back in next week to see what Cena has been up to!