Welcome Back :)

Welcome back to everyone especially all our New pupils. All the children have settled in very well over the past few days. Everyone in uniform and that is how we intend to keep it.

For the year ahead we hope to keep costs at a minimum. Finance is a huge issue for everyone. The running cost of the school increases each year and the capitation grant is reduced. We ask all families to give the €30 per child and €40 per family for the printing, photocopying etc. Allianz pupil accident insurance for all children is €7 per child. All children are covered under the same scheme. Please forward your €7 to teachers/preschool leader by Friday September 15th. In an effort to keep costs down, swimming will be the only out of school activity to go ahead this year. Dates and times will be given later.

Parents are asked to observe both the Insurance Policy and Child Protection Policy. No child on the school premises before 9:15 am. No child to return to the school after 3:15 pm. The bus lane is solely for buses. In an effort to promote independence, we request parents to leave their younger children at the classroom door.

Please observe our Healthy Eating Policy – no crisps, sweets, chocolates or fizzy drinks allowed on the premises. Please check your child’s hair for head lice on a regular basis.

Homework journal should be signed each night and the length of time a child spends on homework should be recorded. If your child has difficulties please contact the teacher in relation to same. Each teacher will distribute letters to parents in relation to their own classroom activities when necessary. A healthy positive attitude towards the school, teachers, homework and parents creates best practice.

Golf begins Thursday 7th September for 6 weeks at cost of 2 euro per week. Swimming for all senior classes is arranged beginning after the October break.

Parent/teacher meeting November 16th.

Please note the following holidays:

Mid Term: 30th October 2017 – 3rd November 2017

December: 8th December 2017

Christmas Holidays: 23rd December 2017 – 8th January 2018

Mid Term: 15th/16th February 2018

Easter Holidays: 26th March – 6th April 2018

May: 7th May to 11th May 2018

June: Summer holidays begin 30th June 2018