Child Protection Procedures

Dear Parents,

The “ Child Protection Procedures for Primary and Post Primary Schools 2017 “ is a most important document and can be found at website.

Here in Athea National School our aim is to ensure that your child feels safe and well looked after. We hope all are treated with respect and are listened to by all school personnel.

Our school’s Anti Bullying Policy is continually being updated and available to read online.

Incidents of bullying are dealt with as a matter of urgency.

Our Child Safeguarding statement is displayed on the school corridor for everyone to see and read and also online. The Designated Liasion Person, Mrs. Margaret Watters, is the mandated person to report all child protection concerns, and ensure that the concerns are dealt with promptly and effectively.  Should the DLP be absent from school the Deputy Designated Liasion Person is Maura Mulvihill.

Our policies of Stay Safe, ( Social and Personal Care) , RSE ( Relationship and Sexuality Education), SPHE ( Social, Personal and Health Education) and Internet Safety Programme all play huge emphasis on safety and awareness and are actively participated in by all children in our school. Should you wish to become more familiar with the content of any of these programmes please feel free to contact the class teacher.

All school personnel and Board of Management members are very aware of the need to continually recognise areas of possible risk to your child. In an effort to gain insight from you as parents, we are asking you to inform us of any area you feel may expose your child to harm within the school environment.

The school personnel have identified a huge concern around parking outside the school, in particular before and after school. We ask you to please engage with us in an effort to reduce this risk..

Please note that all teachers are now mandated by law to report areas of concern of abuse :physical, emotional, sexual and neglect. A new area is exposure to inappropriate images/content on social media.  We are obliged to observe changes in childrens’ behaviour which may result in contacting Tusla.

Our aim, like you as parents, is to ensure the overall protection of our children and, with your co-operation we will endeavour to do so.