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Coronavirus Books For Young Children

Explaining the Coronavirus COVID-19 Epidemic to young children can be hard. Luckily books have been released for free download for parents, caretakers, and educators of young children to help them explain and discuss what is going on.

Coronavirus Books For Young Children Available To Download For Free

Somerville’s own Candlewick Press has released Coronavirus: A Book for Children by Elizabeth Jenner and Kate Wilson and Nia Roberts which you can download for free here:

In their review of the book, The School Library Journal wrote “A diverse cast, a global stage, practical and expert advice, along with friendly, accessible illustrations by Scheffler make this free digital download a must-have in the home or collection of everyone on the planet”

The Pyramid Model Consortium has their book “Why Can’t I Go to School?” which is Scripted story  which you can download here. (English version)

Finally we have the book “Why We Are Staying Home” which is part of the Millie and Suzie series also available for free download here.