Safe return to school

Dear Parents,
You should now have received emails from the class teachers regarding your children safe return to school. It is vitally important that you have read the emails and replied with the updated contact details. Information on medications and allergies should be given to your class teacher to enable an update of you child’s file.

Next Thursday morning we are requesting the Senior children to arrive around 9:10.
Middle classes to arrive around 9:20.
It must be a drop and go system.
When the children will come to the school gate, they should enter the yard immediately. There are red dot markings on the yard. Children should stand at the red dot closest to the front door. Staff will direct from there.

Junior Infants class (Room 1) should arrive after 9:25. This is to allow parents to escort their children to the door of room 1. Any time between 9:25 to 9:35 for this class.
The same rules apply to the parents of the children of the ASD classes.
They may wait until 9:25 to enable these parents escort their children in a safe manner.
Junior Infants – Room 1 will go home at 12:30 until Friday the 11th September.
After this date, it will be 2:00.

Pre-school children: Drop off – We ask that parents enter, with their child, by the lower gate and go to the blue entrance gate on the preschool side.  There they will be met by a member of staff and your child will be escorted to the preschool room.  They will sanitize their hands before entering the room.   Collection – Again, on collection we ask that parents wait, adhering to social distancing guidelines, while we bring your child to you.

Home time children will leave the school in an orderly and safe manner.
It is imperative that common sense prevails.  Parents should arrange in advance as to where they will meet their child.
Please be extra vigilant for the safety of everybody in our school community.

On behalf of the B.O.M. and staff I thank you for your continued support and hope for a safe return for all concerned. Looking forward to see you all on Thursday.

Back to School Information

Dear Parents,

We wish to inform you that Athea N.S. is ready for opening on Thursday (27/08) at 9:10 following consultation with B.O.M. approval. All children will be met by a member of staff and will be hand sanitized on entering the school. Arrival of children will be in an orderly  manner with each child  entering the school immediately on arrival. Children will be escorted to the classroom where they will be met and placed at their desk. All parents are asked to remain outside the school gate with the exception of Junior Infants parents and parents of children for ASD classes and Early Intervention Room. Junior Infants will enter by Room 1 door. Junior Infants should be accompanied to the door initially by 1 parent. Children of the ASD class/Early Intervention Class will enter by the side door accompanied by a parent.

Pre-school children will enter by the lower gate and go to the entrance gate on the preschool side. There they will be met by a member of staff. Pre-school will be one session (morning) initially and will only take children due to begin Junior Infants in September ’21. There is an issue with the afternoon session due to the deep clean directive and the ability of staff to cover same. It is imperative that our school opens with as little risk as possible. The afternoon session is questionable until clarified is secured. We will issue further directive once the information is available to us.

If the event of a child feeling unwell during the school day we have a sick bay room and parents will be contacted immediately. Break times will be segregated, and teachers will comply with the designated time. There will be  little movement of children on the corridor and in the classroom. Children will follow the directives form their teachers. On leaving the school, parents are asked to sanitize their children’s belongings before items are returned to school on the following day.  The uniform is grey/maroon slacks, tracksuit, skirt or pinafore (no crest to cut down on cost). We ask that clothing be washed every evening.

Each child should have a lunch sized box of essential items i.e. sanitizer, face cloth, and antiseptic wipes. Clearly marked and replaced when necessary.

Needless to say, children should  not be send to school if they show any sign or symptoms related to COVID.  Together we can return our children to school in a safe manner as long as everyone plays their part and cooperates with the department directive on COVID safety.

This is the framework for returning to school thus far from Athea National School B.O.M and staff.

Any changes over the coming weeks will be updated as soon as become necessary.

Books For Children about Coronavirus

Books For Young Children

Explaining the Coronavirus COVID-19 Epidemic to young children can be hard. Luckily books have been released for free download for parents, caretakers, and educators of young children to help them explain and discuss what is going on.

Coronavirus. A book for Children.

Why we stay home?

Why Can’t I Go to School?

Coronavirus Books For Young Children Available To Download For Free

Somerville’s own Candlewick Press has released Coronavirus: A Book for Children by Elizabeth Jenner and Kate Wilson and Nia Roberts which you can download for free here:

In their review of the book, The School Library Journal wrote “A diverse cast, a global stage, practical and expert advice, along with friendly, accessible illustrations by Scheffler make this free digital download a must-have in the home or collection of everyone on the planet”

The Pyramid Model Consortium has their book “Why Can’t I Go to School?” which is Scripted story it can download here.

Finally we have the book “Why We Are Staying Home” which is part of the Millie and Suzie series also available for free download here.

Books for September 2020

Please see attached book lists for the new school year 2020/2021.

Booklist Junior Infants Mrs Allen

Booklist Senior Infants Boys Mrs Allen

Booklist Senior Infants Girls Miss Prendiville

Booklist 1st Class Boys Miss Prendiville

Booklist 1st Class Girls Miss Quilty

Booklist 2nd Class Booklist Miss Quilty

Booklist 3rd Class Mrs Balfry (Ms. O’ Connell)

Booklist 4th Class Boys Mrs Balfry (Ms. O’ Connell)

Booklist 4th Class Girls Mrs O’Flaherty

Booklist 5th Class Boys Mrs O’Flaherty

Booklist 5th Class Girls Mrs McElligott

Booklist 6th Class Mrs McElligott





Sacramental Registration

Dear Parents, please visit the website of Diocese of Limerick to register your child to receive First Holy Communion or Confirmation. The deadline is June 12th 2020. We would encourage you to do this online, but if for some reason this is not possible you can supply the relevant details to the Diocesan office (061 350000) on the 8/9th/10th of June between 10am and 2pm.

Sacramental Registration