Class room rules

Class room rules:

1 Work well. Keep on task.

  • Neat completion of work/tasks in the given time.
  • Finding follow-up work where necessary e.g. piece of reading
    • Taking pride in your work – always doing your best.

2 Listen to each other – talk in turn

  • Focus on listening to teacher and others in class.
  • Listening ears, no interruptions, while teacher speaks.
  • Ask questions, make comments, and raise concerns at the right time in the right place.
  • Use a quiet voice for group work.

3 There is time to move – know when, know where, know how.

  • Sitting properly i.e. 6 on the floor ….2 feet + 4 chair legs.
  • Walking when moving around classroom.
  • Line up properly
  • Always walk     – in the school building – entering and leaving school grounds.

Be prepared. Be on time.

  • Be presentable. Be proud of your appearance.
  • Be ready for school – uniform, attendance, punctuality, hygiene, school bag, homework, stationary, healthy lunch, signed note/diary for absence.
  • Keep chewing gum ad crisps for after school.

Be respectful.

  • Tidy up properly
  • Allow others to work
  • Communicate in the correct way
  • Respect property
  • Play your part in keeping the classroom clean.

Keep unhelpful hands, feet, comments to yourself.