Our Staff & Teachers: 

Principal: Mrs. Margaret Watters

Deputy Principal: Ms. Maura Mulvihill

Junior Infants: Mrs. Jean Allen
Senior Infants/1st Class: Ms. Emer Prendiville
First/Second Class: Mrs. Donna Nolan
Third/Fourth Class: Mrs. Josephine Balfry (O’Connell)
Fourth/Fifth Class: Mrs. Patricia McElligott (Leahy)
Fifth/Sixth Class: Mrs. Margaret Ahern

Support Teachers: Ms. Maura Mulvihill, Mrs. Michelle Leahy (Kearney),
Mrs. Annmarie Horgan, Mrs. Miriam O’Flaharty (O’Shaughnessy)

A.S.D. Teacher: Ms. Marguerite Quilty

Early Intervention Class Teacher: Support teachers

Special Needs Assitants:

Mainstream:  Mrs. Bridget Sheehy & Ms. Dawn Quaid

A.S.D. Class: Mrs. Mary O’ Connor & Mrs. Magdalena Landziak

Early Intervention Class: Mrs. Fiona O’Keeffe &  Mrs. Nadine Lavery

Teachers for the new school year 2020/2021:

Room 1 – Junior/Senior Infants boys – Mrs. Jean Allen
Room 2 – Senior Infants girls & First Class boys – Mrs. Prendiville
Room 3 – First Class girls & Second Class – Miss Quilty
Room 4 – 3rd class with 4th class boys – Mrs. Balfry (O’Connel)
Room 5 – 4th class girls with 5th class boys – Mrs. O’Flaherty
Room 6 – 5th class girls with 6 th class – Mrs. McElligott (Leahy)
Early Intervention Class – Mrs. Leahy (Kearney)
A.S.D. Class – Mrs. Nolan
Support teachers:
Room 1 & 2 – Miss Mulvihill
Room 3 & 4 – Mrs. Horgan
Room 5 & 6 – Mrs. Ahern