Yard rules

Yard Rules:

1 Be in the right place in the right time:

  • Go straight to your line when you hear the bell in the yard.
  • Leave the toilets immediately after use.
  • Never leave the yard without  permission

2 Be prepared for yard:

  • Put on your coats before you go out
  • Eat, drink only at the proper place and time.
  • Keep chewing gum and crisps for after school.

3 Play preferred games:

  • Teacher on yard deals with problems on yard.
  • Rough and fast games are not to be played.

4 Know what to do when sick or injured.

  • Tell the teacher on the yard.

5 Follow the entering and leaving rules:

  • Walk when entering and leaving the school.
  • Use the proper doors.

Be proud of your school – don’t do anything on the way to

or from school that would let yourself or the school down


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