Yard rules

Yard Rules:

1 Be in the right place in the right time:

  • Go straight to your line when you hear the bell in the yard.
  • Leave the toilets immediately after use.
  • Never leave the yard without  permission

2 Be prepared for yard:

  • Put on your coats before you go out
  • Eat, drink only at the proper place and time.
  • Keep chewing gum and crisps for after school.

3 Play preferred games:

  • If a child does not like the game it must stop immediately.
  • Teacher on yard deals with problems on yard.
  • Rough and fast games are not to be played.

4 Know what to do when sick or injured.

  • Tell the teacher on the yard.

5 Follow the entering and leaving rules:

  • Walk when entering and leaving the school.
  • Use the proper doors.

Be proud of your school – don’t do anything on the way to

or from school that would let yourself or the school down

Punishment work given by class teacher or teacher on yard duty must be presented to Miss Mulvihill who has a post of responsibility to ensure punishment work is recorded and submitted.  When a child is reported to Miss Mulvihill on 3 occasions, parents will be notified.  For serious misbehaviour parents will be sent for immediately.