Nature Walk 1st & 2nd Class

This week, 1st and 2nd class went on a nature walk exploring the local environment! On Tuesday, we visited the fairy village and today we discovered the giants garden exploring and admiring our surroundings.


We visited the fairy mountain which is situated behind the Memorial Hall and the Giants Garden. We had immense fun walking the unique trail which is home to ten fairies who each have their own fairy door and a purpose.

At the end of the trail, we found a Fairy Post Box where we hope to post our own message to the fairies in the future.

We also visited the worry-tree called ‘Croga’ which promises to take away any worries you might have if you place your hand on it.

Today, we continued our adventures in the Giants Garden. The story of the Athea Giant comes from Celtic mythology, as it was told he carried his mother on his back to bury her in the graveyard. However it is said that the different parts of her body were wideley scattered in the town land and where each part fell derived its name i.e. Drommadda (where her back fell) Lurriga (where her shin bones fell) and so forth. We had great fun examining the monuments created by local sculptor Jim Flavin showing the footprints of the giant and bones of his mother in bronze.