Supporting our Hurlers. Art competition.


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We had a school colouring competition to celebrate Limerick being in the hurling final on Sunday. Thanks to Athea Gaa for giving us the prizes. Some wonderful art wad created and it was very hard to judge. A winner was picked from each class. Thank you to all who participated in our competition. Luimneach AbĂş.

”No Idling” campaign.

Stop idling: turn off your car engine at the school gates

Dear Parents,
As you know Athea N.S. is taking part in the Green-Schools Programme and are now working on the Travel theme. As part of ”Clean Air” Week next week we have launched a ”No Idling” campaign outside the school gates. All vehicle owners are asked to turn their engines off whilst they wait to help improve air quality, reduce emissions and create a healthier environment around our school gates. Thank you for your support.

Safe return to school

Dear Parents,
You should now have received emails from the class teachers regarding your children safe return to school. It is vitally important that you have read the emails and replied with the updated contact details. Information on medications and allergies should be given to your class teacher to enable an update of you child’s file.

Next Thursday morning we are requesting the Senior children to arrive around 9:10.
Middle classes to arrive around 9:20.
It must be a drop and go system.
When the children will come to the school gate, they should enter the yard immediately. There are red dot markings on the yard. Children should stand at the red dot closest to the front door. Staff will direct from there.

Junior Infants class (Room 1) should arrive after 9:25. This is to allow parents to escort their children to the door of room 1. Any time between 9:25 to 9:35 for this class.
The same rules apply to the parents of the children of the ASD classes.
They may wait until 9:25 to enable these parents escort their children in a safe manner.
Junior Infants – Room 1 will go home at 12:30 until Friday the 11th September.
After this date, it will be 2:00.

Pre-school children: Drop off – We ask that parents enter, with their child, by the lower gate and go to the blue entrance gate on the preschool side.  There they will be met by a member of staff and your child will be escorted to the preschool room.  They will sanitize their hands before entering the room.   Collection – Again, on collection we ask that parents wait, adhering to social distancing guidelines, while we bring your child to you.

Home time children will leave the school in an orderly and safe manner.
It is imperative that common sense prevails.  Parents should arrange in advance as to where they will meet their child.
Please be extra vigilant for the safety of everybody in our school community.

On behalf of the B.O.M. and staff I thank you for your continued support and hope for a safe return for all concerned. Looking forward to see you all on Thursday.