Celebrating 100th Anniversary.

What a wonderful day we had! We would like to thank everyone who came to celebrate with us. It was an amazing day with our pupils, guests, staff and supportive parents who helped a lot during this day. Without you all we couldn’t celebrate such an important event. It always seems impossible until it’s done! Well done to all involved! The photos will speak by themselves.



2022 Home-Based Summer Programme (July Provision)






The Department of Education released information about the 2022 Home-Based Summer Programme to Support the Education or Care Needs of Students with Complex Needs. For the 2022 Home-Based Summer Programme, the Department has introduced an Online Sanctioning Portal. Where parents wish to participate in the scheme, schools are asked to submit the details of applicant students onto this portal. This will allow the Department to confirm eligibility automatically and issue a sanction email to the parent along with a link to the Grant Claim Form for the programme. By using this Sanctioning Portal for the 2022 programme it is hoped that this will provide clarity to the parents regarding the number of hours their child has been allocated. Please see attached form below.

HBSP 2022 – Application Form for Sanctioning for Parents


Addendums to Covid-19 Policy

Dear Parents,

Please note that we added additional information to our Covid-19 Policy as per DES guidance.

You can find them here:

Athea N.S. Addendum to the COVID 19 Policy August 2021 re wearing face masks coverings.

Athea N.S. Addendum to the COVID 19 Policy from August 2021 re use of antigen testing.

We also provide posters to our pupils on how to use face coverings.

Poster on how to use face coverings.

We thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

Air Purifier

Dear Parents,

During this difficult time and in an effort to ensure the safety of all children in our classrooms the Board of Management decided to purchase air purifiers with no fund support from DES. We choose RENSAIR. It is a hospital-grade air purifier developed to destroy 99.97% of airborne particles including allergens, bacteria, fungus and viruses (including the Coronavirus family). This device uses the H13 Hospital-grade HEPA filter and UVC light which destroys all pathogens and viruses. It has been approved by WHO and DES. RENSAIR will provide clean air, a safe, warm and comfortable environment. There will be no need to open the windows and doors to provide ventilation. Our children’s health is the priority.

Fundraiser for ASD class

A huge thank you to Siobhian Kelly and all involved for the donation of €500 to our ASD class. The money was raised through Fancy Dress Fundraiser on Saturday 23rd October at Brown Joes Bar in Athea. Once again thank you 🙂 The money will be put towards educational equipment for our classroom.


School Calendar

School Year Planner for 2023/2024

October Break – 30/10/2023 – 3/11/2023 inclusive

Christmas Holidays – from 23/12 – 17/01/2024

Public Holiday – 05/02/2024

February break – 15 and 16/02/2024

Public Holiday – 18/03/2024

Easter Holidays – 23/03 -07/04/2024

May break – 06/05/2024-12/05/2024

Public Holiday – 03/06/2024

Last day at school – 27/06/2024


The Lab

Presenting a set of 10 soccer balls to Athea National School as a gift on the launch of a new gym centre called “The Lab” opening on the 7th of June in Athea. Thank you for your donation.

Yoga with Tara

Recently our pupils started Yoga classes with our Yoga instructor Tara.
It is a great opportunity for all children to explore yoga poses and their benefits.
In the current situation it is important to show children how to reduce stress or anxiety or how to relax and connect with nature.

7 Benefits of Yoga for Young Children:
Yoga helps children manage their anxiety.
Yoga improves children’s emotional regulation.
Yoga boosts children’s self-esteem.
Yoga increases children’s body awareness and mindfulness.
Yoga enhances children’s concentration and memory.
Yoga develops children’s strength and flexibility.

Tara also gives private classes to all age groups including adults.
If you will need more information, please contact Tara directly by email: [email protected] or 0894593987.

NAMASTE for everyone 😉

Special Classes – Advice for Parents

Dear Parents,

Please find attached a guidance leaflet featuring advice for parents of pupils returning to special classes.

Special Schools and Classes – Advice for Parents

There is also a video message from Public Health Consultant Dr Abigail Collins available here: , in which she outlines how to ensure the safe return of special schools and classes.

The below two documents from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) feature the latest public health advice and might also be useful to parents at this time:

– Adults and children from their 13th Birthday Isolation quick guide Adults and children from their 13th birthday

Isolation quick guide for parents and guardians of children older than 3 months and up to 13 years of age Isolation quick guide under 13s

We wish all our pupils and staff a happy and safe return to school.

Atheas Superheroes.

Meet Athea’s newest Superheroes from Athea GAA. They need your help, they are looking for names. There will be a prize for the chosen names so send in your suggestions to @AtheaGAA by Facebook, twitter or Instagram. Ath an tsleibhe Abu. 👏

Supporting our Hurlers. Art competition.


Limerick GAA - Wikipedia

We had a school colouring competition to celebrate Limerick being in the hurling final on Sunday. Thanks to Athea Gaa for giving us the prizes. Some wonderful art wad created and it was very hard to judge. A winner was picked from each class. Thank you to all who participated in our competition. Luimneach Abú.

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